What is clean skincare?  Clean means that there are no known toxins in the formula.  Products should be transparent — meaning that every ingredient, including the components of the “fragrance” is listed. When you see “fragrance” on a product label, it’s a place where companies can hide ingredients they would rather not list on the label.

How does clean skincare brands differ to natural skincare brands?  Natural things can be toxic. Poison ivy and arsenic are both natural!  Clean is about nontoxic, meaning that there are no ingredients in the formula that have been linked to harmful health effects like cancer or hormone disruption.   Vie by Shanti is formulated without parabens, unnecessary chemical binders, petroleum, sodium lauryl sulfates, pesticides, phthalates, artificial dyes or synthetic fragrances.


Hand poured in Issaquah, Washington our vegetarian & vegan ingredients are cruelty-free,  ethically harvested, responsibly sourced, and we support fair trade cooperatives.  During the manufacturing process of our  formulas, we make sure that minimal impact is made to the environment.  

Our honey and beeswax is ethically sourced by GloryBee.  


Honey Standards:

The safe and ethical treatment of bees is of the utmost importance at GloryBee.  To ensure this we require our honey suppliers to fill out documentation and affidavits to validate that their extraction and beekeeping practices are ethical and natural.

We perform the following testing on our honeys.  Some are random and some are specific to the origin.

  • Sugar profile analysis is performed to identify if foreign sugars were present in the honey which would imply adulteration or illegal feeding.  This test also helps to ensure the sugar sources are from nectar producing plants.

  • Pollen analysis is performed to identify origin and that the pollen is a natural source for the bees in that region.

  • Antibiotic analysis is performed to ensure no illegal antibiotics are being used.  As a company of beekeepers, founded by beekeepers, GloryBee is proud to stand behind the ethical treatment of the bees who supply our honey.                                                              

  • Save the Bee:  With the concern of declining bee populations throughout the world, GloryBee continues to move forward to be a part of the “Save the Bee” mission.  In 2012, GloryBee launched Save the Bee to directly support organizations dedicated to saving the honey bee and combating colony collapse issues. This program continues to grow, and in 2014 we were proud to contribute $44,783 towards scientific research and education of sustainable beekeeping practices.

When high-quality ingredients are not available locally:


We search far and wide to find the purest ingredients in the world.  With this in mind, we have secured a direct connection with a group of tribeswomen in Ghana, Africa for our raw, wild, and hand harvested shea butter.  These women have formed a co-operative in their village and are creating hope, vibrancy, and abundance for their families and their village through plugging into the American market.


Having a soft spot for our planet, we recognize the importance of environmental protection and the value of leaving the planet a little better than we found it.  


Every product offered here at Vie by Shanti is manufactured in small batches using 100% renewable wind energy, and we use local companies and services whenever possible.  To further reduce our carbon footprint, our containers are made of 100% recycled PET plastic and every bottle, jar, or pump is filled and packaged in house using eco-friendly recycled material. 


One area that all natural skincare manufacturers struggle with are preservatives.  Natural skincare products need help if they are to remain stable and survive for a number of months without growing harmful moulds and bacteria.  We adhere to FDA cosmetic regulations and always disclose all ingredients used within our products