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Healthy, Glowing Skin Begins Here

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Raise your hand if you want healthy, glowing skin! Over the last two decades of my career, this is the main concern for my clients. Whether it's minimizing wrinkles, bringing vitality back to the skin, reducing allergic reactions, or correcting acne, it's super important to understand the functions of our skin first.

If you love to learn and are a skin geek like me, this is truly the beginning and will help you gain a greater understanding.

Think of your skin as an envelope that protects and acts as a barrier against cuts and scrapes, heat and sunlight radiation, drugs, skin products, pollution, and microorganisms, such as germs and fungi.

Adding another shield of protection, our oil glands produce a thin coat of oil called the hydro-lipid film. In a healthy state, our hydrolipid film has qualities that help to stop bacteria from reproducing, moisturizes and conditions, helping to keep our skin lubricated and supple. These oil glands are most numerous on the face, scalp, chest and upper back, which explains why acne, essentially an oil gland disorder, appears almost exclusively in these areas.

The amount of oil produced varies greatly with age, state of health, medications, environmental factors, hormonal balances and stress levels. Aside from these factors, what skincare products we are using and how we apply them also have a direct impact on our hydro-lipid film.

Now that we know what this thin layer of oil is, start to think about your skin. Does it feel supple and protected? Or does it feel dry, tight, and irritated?

In the next blog, we’ll dive into skin typing and some tricks to discover what your true skin type is.

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