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Preventing Summertime Skin Damage

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

As we're all getting outside to enjoy our summer, it's important to remember how vulnerable our skin can be and how it may be affected by the excessive heat, chlorinated water and UV rays that strip our skin of its moisture and deplete antioxidants.

Here are a few ways your skincare regimen should evolve for the summer season.


Antioxidants are vital in combating the signs of aging and help boost sun protection formulas. Blueberries, watermelon, tomatoes, spinach and avocados are packed with immune-boosting antioxidants. While you're nourishing the skin from the inside out, you'll also want to use a skincare regimen packed with antioxidants. Serums and moisturizers protect the skin from those harsh UV rays. Moisturizers like Vie by Shanti's Antioxidant Cream offers radiance-enhancing ingredients like licorice, noni extract and blueberry to reduce sun damage and replenish dehydrated skin while keeping your skin healthy and protected


Your melanocytes are your second line of defense against UV damage. Ingredients like Reishi mushroom, found in our Enzyme Exfoliator carries asiatic acid to the cells for damage restoration, fading of sun spots, wrinkle reduction, and boosting of cellular hydration. Another ingredient to look out for is Niacinimide, a form of vitamin B3 that helps to suppress the amount of melanin that reaches the upper layers of skin. Try combining Vie by Shanti's Enzyme Exfoliator with our nighttime Glycolic Serum for gentle, effective and clinically proven skin rejuvenation.


One of the best anti-aging and preventative steps you can take to protect your skin is using a high quality physical sunscreen. Always be sure to reapply your sunscreen especially if your SPF is in your makeup or moisturizer. Unfortunately this does not offer sufficient protection. Think of sunscreen as another shield. You want to apply your last armor of defense, sealing in all the nutrients of your skincare products while protecting your skin against UV damage. Partner your sunscreen with our Youth Serum containing stay C 50, a bio-available vitamin C that provides up to 8 times the skins natural protection from UV damage. Our unique vitamin C protects your skin from the sun in ways that sunscreen can’t. And when used together, vitamin C and sunscreens provide almost complete photo-protection - preventing photo-aging, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and promoting vibrant skin health. Remember, beautiful skin can only be achieved through daily care and protection.

While repairing sun-damaged skin is not a one size fits all, these simple practices will keep your skin nourished and protected all summer long. Now that you're protected, have fun!!

Thank you for reading! May each day be filled with joy, purpose and may you always live inspired!

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