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What you need to know about acne and persistent blemishes!

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

When our skin breaks out we often over treat, over cleanse and over exfoliate. In reality, our skin and body are trying to communicate with us! Ancient Chinese medicine discovered that every bump, pimple or rash has an internal cause. A mapping system was created so you can pinpoint what’s going on inside your body by the things that show up on your skin. This mapping system is very detailed but I’m going to give you 3 main sections where I see the majority of issues arise. Chin and jawline:

If you are close to your cycle or stressed you may develop pimples in this area as a sign that a hormonal change has happened in the body. When this occurs, treat the inflammation with a spot treatment such as Vie by Shanti's Enzyme Exfoliator or add a few drops of high quality tea tree oil to your cleanser to help reduce bacteria. Increasing your Vitamin E internally helps to balance hormones. And, don't forget to check all of your skincare ingredients to make sure they do not contain any parabens, which interfere with our hormones and may be contributing to an imbalance.


For those with sugar or dairy heavy diets, you may develop acne around your cheeks. That’s because your cheeks are connected to our gut! If you have pimples or develop a rash in your cheeks, try removing dairy. People who are lactose intolerant can't digest the main sugar lactose found in milk. In this case, the enzyme that does so - lactase - stops being produced when the person is between two and five years old. The undigested sugars end up in the colon, where they begin to ferment, and is often the cause of acne, bloating and gas.


Our forehead is inked to our digestive system and is often caused by stress and poor diet. Eating right for healthy skin is critical. Foods rich in fiber and vitamins A, C and E allow your body to restore and even correct sun damage, dehydration and premature aging. There is no substitute for the critical daily intake of these nutrients, which are the three most important building blocks of beauty.

Is your acne genetic? Start asking family members if they struggled with their skin, if so seek help from a reputable dermatologist for assistance.

Thank you for reading! May each day be filled with joy, purpose and may you always live inspired!

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