"I have extremely sensitive skin and have tried a wide range of products/brands, but Vie by Shanti is my absolute favorite!  I have completely fallen in love with these organic and raw products.  I have tried a variety of Vie products from cleansers, serums, toners, and moisturizers.  I am blown away by the results and the way I FEEL when using these products!  Not only does my skin feel wonderful, but I know that I'm putting only the best of the best on my skin-which makes   me so happy!  I have found my permanent skin care regimen and could not be happier"

Alyssa C.

"All products have done wonders for my skin. The milky cleanser doesn't leave my skin feeling tight or dry as other products I've tried before tended to do. With consistent use of the nourishing cream, my skin isn't just staying hydrated, it's also become more healthy; I don't have to worry about my skin looking dry even after a simple face wash. As for the enzyme exfoliator, it's just as amazing as the cleanser! My skin is a lot smoother now, and it doesn't feel stripped after washing it off, even after leaving it on for several minutes to let it do it's work. Not only are the products effective, they are natural and fragrance free! Thank you, Shanti for developing such an amazing skincare line!!!"

Maple C.

"I have been using the hydrating oil for a few months now and it has helped me even out my skin. Before I would have very pronounced flaking but after using Vie by Shanti, this has become my go to regimen for my face and neck :) Love it!"

    Marianne M.

"I'm loving VIE. The products are gentle and amazing. It's been about 3 years since I started using VIE and my skin is happier

than it's ever been - but it only took a little time for me to notice the changes. I'm a huge fan of the hydrating oil,

the Youth Serum, and the Cleaning oil. All wonderful -"

Kristi B.

"I have used natural skin care all my life and value Vie as my skin care line. My skin looks firmer, nourished, and healthy.  The cleansing oil, youth serum, and Q10 are amazing!!"

Sarah H.

I have come to love and cannot go without the Glycolic Serum and Antioxidant Cream as my go to. I feel really good about the VIE product line so not to dry out my skin but to renew it to a healthy glow. Thank you Shanti!"

Malia M.

"I absolutely looooove this line. I have been using VIE for the last 6 months and am so happy with the results. My skin is brighter, more even in tone, and I'm not breaking out like before. I really appreciate that the product is fragrance free and doesn't have any of those nasty parabens we are always being told to watch out for. Two of my favorites are the Enzyme Mask and the Glycolic Serum. I've definitely found my match!!"

          Sylvia P.

"From the first day I was introduced to the VIE by Shanti product line, I have been a BIG fan! My daily skincare regime starts and ends with the antioxidant cream I love the scrumptious pudding like consistency and how it leaves my skin feeling supple and fresh. A few times a week or more, I will also use the enzyme mask...especially great to use after a sweaty workout or on a hot/humid day! It gets the gunk out of my pores in a gentle and refreshing way so that my skin never feels tight or irritated, but luminous and renewed. . These products are delightful for both my skin and my sense of well being."

Kaaedee H.